ASHVILLE is an International Kindergarten and Nursery School which follows the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) of the U.K. with a strong focus on Dramatic play and Creativity. Children learn primarily in English with an Immersion day of Cantonese and regular Putonghua lessons.


To develop children into leaders of the future who excel in Communication, Creativity, and Care for themselves, their families, their Communities and their World.
ASHVILLE Introduction

Our Kindergarten is a place where:


• teachers are positioned to give every child the care and love they need to feel valued
• children look forward to coming to school and take care of their class and environment with pride
• the program is rich with Dramatic play, role play, creative experiences and opportunities
• Children learn primarily through doing and playing
• The environment is the third teacher
• Teachers respect, honour and celebrate the uniqueness of each child.
• Teachers develop in each child an active curiosity about the world
• Teachers nurture in children an enthusiasm for learning based on their own needs, interests and investigations.
• Teachers work in partnership with parents in the children’s care and education;
• Children are well prepared to enrol in the best local and international school programs in Hong Kong

School With Much More:


ASHVILLE is situated on the waterfront with big glass windows in all classrooms with sea views.
Lantau Island offers a multitude of Nature experiences and children at ASHVILLE enjoy beach excursions, visits to the local Organic farms, plant growing projects and interactive lessons on the wildlife, flora and fauna on our doorstep.


Our son is doing great in Barcelona, speaking Catalan very fluently, as well as Spanish, English and a bit of Chinese :).
He is happy and very well adapted, surrounded by family, friends and excitement, but still remembering HK, and sometimes missing it
ASHVILLE Parent Alba Coromina