Intelligent Thinkers:

We live in a city and society where everything is quick and convenient – so when something isn’t immediately that way – we give up too quickly.
At ASHVILLE we avoid ‘spoon feeding’ and don’t ask children to check their creativity in at the front door.

How we build Intelligent thinking:

Question - ask questions that stimulate thought processes
Talk - encourage children to use descriptive language – describe what they see, taste, hear, feel, imagine
Listen - we teach children to pay attention to what others are saying before sharing their own thoughts
Expose - children to diverse ideas and approaches
Time - allow time in lessons for discussion and child-input
Think and Problem solve - Encourage children to try and solve their own problems instead of doing it for them.
Get Creative – Make up different endings to stories, nonsense poems, stories in the round, open ended Process drama stories where the children dictate the adventure. Older children can start to compose their own stories and poems.
ASHVILLE Intelligent Thinkers